This article is about the son of Borin. For the video game character, see Farin (Champion).

Farin was a Dwarf of the line of Durin's Folk.


Farin was the son of Borin and father of Fundin and Groin. He was the grandfather of Oin, Gloin, Dwalin, and Balin, friends of Bilbo Baggins, and the Great-Grandfather of Gimli. He lived in the Lonely Mountain (Erebor after having probably lived in the Grey Mountains. When Smaug descended upon the Lonely Mountain, Farin was forced to flee with Thráin II to Dunland where he lived out the remainder of his years. He was too old to have participated in the great war, the War of the Dwarves and Orcs (TA 2790 - TA 2799), as his death came in the year TA 2803.[1]


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