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Faramir's Sword

Faramir's sword

Faramir holding his sword in the movies.

Faramir's sword was the sword used by Faramir.


In the The Two Towers, it is said that Faramir uses both a Bow and a Sword, the usual armaments of the Ithilien Rangers, and is adept with both.

Though Faramir is skilled with his sword it is true that he is much better at handling his bow, his sword skill is greately surpassed by his brother Boromir and the King of the Reunited Kingdom and Dúnedain Ranger, Aragorn.

Faramir has used it in many battles but only once in the War of the Ring, this one being the Battle of Osgiliath, but he has also used it in many ambushes of Sauron's forces who have been travelling through Ithilien to the Black Gate.

Appearances in AdaptionsEdit

Peter Jackson FilmsEdit

The blade is an ornate arming sword with a dark green, leather-wrapped handle, a straight crossguard, a steel scent-topper pommel, and a long, polished, blade that has slain many Orcs. The wooden scabbard is dark green to match the hilt, with steel reinforcements.

Lord of the Rings Battle for Middle EarthEdit

Faramir is a hero in The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth II and can switch between his bow and his sword as one of his abilities. His sword does more damage and has another ability which boosts its power but his bow is ranged and his trademark ability- wounding arrow (this is based on the arrow he shoots at the Nazgûl while at Osgiliath when trying to save Frodo) can only be used with the bow.