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The Falmari also known as the Sea-elves were those of the Teleri who departed from Middle-earth and went into the West and remained there ever after.


The story begins with the Teleri kindred who departed with the other kindreds on the Great Journey to the land of the Valar. So great were their numbers, they had two lords: Elwë Singollo (which signifies Greymantle) and his brother Olwë, but Elwë became lost in the forests of the Beleriand and thus many of the Teleri refused to continue into the West.

When they eventually did go, they became known as the Sea-elves in the land of Aman, for they became enamoured with the sea and made music beside the breaking waves. They settled on Tol Eressëa (the former island ferry) and later in Alqualondë, which they built on the shores of Aman between the Calacirya and Araman.

In Aman all of the Teleri regard Olwë as their High King. The Falmari are only one type of elf that can be found in the world of Arda. They are also the most well known.[1][2]


Falmari is from the Quenya word 'falma', meaning [crested] wave.[3]


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