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Fall of Umbar

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Fall of Umbar
Conflict: Corsair Wars
Date: TA 1810
Place: Haven of Umbar
Outcome: Gondorian Victory
Gondor Umbar
Umbardacil Unknown
12,000 Gondorian soldiers 5,000 Corsairs + 1,000 Haradrim
2,000 soldiers killed all Corsairs, 800 Haradrim

The Battle of Umbar was a battle between Gondor and the Corsairs of Umbar.King Telumehtar of Gondor led the Gondorians to war because of the death of Minardil two centuries earlier. The attack was a complete surprise and the Corsairs were annihilated, the line of Castamir came to an end and Telemuhtar took the name 'Umbardacil' meaning 'victor over Umbar'. The city remained in the hands of Gondor until 1944, when the Haradrim conquered the city.  It is possible that a few hundred Haradrim also fought. 

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