Enchanted river1

Thorin and Company by the Enchanted River in the film The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

The Enchanted River was a black river in Mirkwood that flowed north from its source in the Mountains of Mirkwood towards the Forest River, which it joined about ten miles before (west of) the Elven-king's Halls. It had fast and strong currents, but was not too wide at least in the area near the Forest Path where Thorin and Company crossed it.

The river's enchantment (or pollution) made it so that anyone who drank or bathed in the water fell into a deep sleep, and suffered amnesia when they finally awoke.[1]


Significance in The HobbitEdit

Bilbo Baggins and the Dwarves of Thorin and Company had to cross the Enchanted River while traveling through Mirkwood on their quest to the Lonely Mountain. One of the Dwarves, Bombur, clumsily fell backwards into the river while trying to get out of a boat they used in the crossing. He fell asleep for many days and dreamt of Elvish feasts. When he finally awoke, he could not remember anything since the party at Bilbo's house before they left.[2]

Translations around the WorldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Arabic نهر مسحور
Bengali মায়াময় নদী
Bosnian Očarani rijeka
Catalan Riu encantat
Chinese (Hong Kong) 魔法溪流
Croatian Začarani Rijeka
Czech Kouzelný řeka
Danish Den fortryllede flod
Esperanto Sorĉita rivero
Estonian Nõiutud jõgi
Finnish Lumottu joki
French Rivière enchantée
German Verzauberte Fluss
Greek Μαγεμένο ποταμού
Gujarati એન્ચેન્ટેડ નદી
Hausa Sihirce kogin
Hebrew הנהר הקסום
Hindi मुग्ध नदी
Hungarian Elvarázsolt folyó
Italian Fiume incantato
Japanese 魅惑の川
Kannada ಎನ್ಚ್ಯಾಂಟೆಡ್ ನದಿ
Kazakh қайраушы өзен
Korean 마법에 걸린 강
Macedonian маѓепсана река
Malay Sungai terpesona ?
Norwegian Fortryllende elven
Polish Zaczarowana Rzeka
Portuguese Rio encantado
Romanian Râul fermecat
Russian Зачарованная река
Sesotho Natefisa nōka
Slovak Okúzlil rieky
Slovenian Začaran reke
Somali Webiga sixray
Sudanese Walungan dihapunten
Swedish Förtrollade floden
Tamil மந்திரித்த நதி
Telugu ఎన్చాన్టెడ్ నది
Turkish Büyülü Nehri
Ukrainian Зачарований річка
Uzbek Sehrlangan daryo
Yiddish ענטשאַנטעד טייַך
Welsh Afon swynol


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  2. The Hobbit, Chapter VIII: "Flies and Spiders"

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