The Enchanted Isles were a chain of islands surrounding part of Aman east of Valinor and all of Tol Eressëa set in the Shadowy Seas.[1]


After the poisoning of the Two Trees and the Revolt of the Noldor, the Valar created a series of islands to aid in the Hiding of Valinor. It was said that anyone who set foot upon these isles would fall into a great sleep until the Change of the World, with the exception of Eärendil and Elwing who escaped enchantment by the light of the Silmaril and the permission of the Valar. At the end of the Second Age, the Enchanted Isles presumably went with Aman and Tol Eressëa after they were removed from the circles of the world.[2][3]

Places in Aman
Regions of the Valar
Woods of OromëPastures of YavannaHalls of MandosHalls of NiennaGardens of LòrienWells of VardaHouse of TulkasMáhanaxarTwo Trees of Valinor
Other Regions
ValinorEldamarTol EressëaUndying LandsAlalminórëEnchanted IslesAramanAvatharPlain of ValinorHaerastOiomurë
Mountains and Passes
PelóriTúnaTaniquetilCalaciryaHyarmentirCaves of the Forgotten
Bodies of Water
Bay of EldamarLórellinShadowy SeasHíriSirnúmen
City and Fortifications
Other Places
Cottage of Lost PlayMindon EldaliévaGalathilionHouse of Hundred ChimneysTower of AvallónëTower of TavrobelIlmarinBridge of TavrobelEzellohar


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