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Lotr elvenrope
Elven Rope given to the Fellowship in Lothlórien
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In the book, Sam simply takes a coil of Elven Rope from the three coils put in the bottom of each boat. Made of Hithlain, the ropes are lightweight, grey, strong, and silky to touch. When Frodo slips while climbing down a cliffside and temporarily loses his sight, the rope, gleaming faintly, was the first thing he saw. After both Frodo and Sam have made it safely to the bottom, the rope comes down when Sam calls it. As in the movie, it burns Gollum in the book due to his dark tainted soul and body.

Portrayal in adaptationsEdit

The Lord of the Rings film trilogyEdit

Elven rope "burning" Gollum, in the Emyn Muil
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In the Fellowship of the Ring, Elven Rope was the gift given to Sam by Galadriel.

In The Two Towers, it helps him and Frodo climb down a cliffside in Emyn Muil and unknots itself after Sam tugs it, believing that there was no way of retrieving his ownership of it.

Theatrical film trilogyEdit

During The Two Towers, Frodo and Sam capture and bind Gollum with it after being attacked by him in Emyn Muil. He complains that it "burns and freezes" him and demands that it be taken off of him.

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