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Elf Stone
Arwen's Elfstone, given to Aragorn
The "Elessar" (not to be confused with Aragorn's title as King), or Elfstone is a green gem set on a silver eagle-shaped brooch. It had the light of the Sun within it and those who looked through it saw everything that was aged and withered as young once more.


There are many versions concerning the stone's origins. The elfstone had been crafted by an elven-smith in Gondolin named Enerdhil. He gave it to Idril and in turn she gave it to her son Eärendil, who took it to the Undying Lands.

  • Then Gandalf brought it back as a sign that the Valar had not forsaken Middle-earth. He gave it to Galadriel but he prophesied that it would not be in her possession for a long time before she would pass it to another one of the same name (Aragorn, son of Arathorn II).
  • In the second version Galadriel wants to heal the wounds the enemy has caused Middle-earth, but the crafter of the original stone, Enerdhil, had already left Middle-Earth. In his stead Celebrimbor, who is in love with her, remakes the jewel and gives it to her. He learned the art of elven blacksmithing in Gondolin when he was a friend of Enerdhil. Galadriel then passes it to her daughter Celebrian, who in turn gives it to her daughter Arwen. Galadriel keeps it once more in Lothlorien to pass it on to Aragorn.

Portrayal in adaptationsEdit

Lord of the Rings film trilogyEdit

Evenstar given to Aragorn.
Silvered GirlAdded by Silvered Girl
In Peter Jackson's films, the jewel is replaced by the Evenstar - a silver necklace with a white stone, which is given to Aragorn by Arwen in Rivendell. This jewel was probably inspired by a jewel that Arwen gives to Frodo after the destruction of the One Ring.


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