This article is for the Vanyarin elf. For the star, see Elemmírë.

Elemmírë was a Vanyarin Elf of Valinor who is of an unknown gender.


Elemmírë was best known for composing The Aldudénië which laments the poisoning of the Two Trees and the Darkening of Valinor, all of which Elemmírë was likely to have witnessed.

Elemmírë probably lives at the base of Taniquetil as most Vanyar do.[1]


The name Elemmírë was a Quenya word that meant "star jewel", which comes from the words elen, meaning "star" and mírë, meaning "jewel".[2] The form of the word does not allow us to know whether Elemmírë was a male or a female Elf.


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