This article is about the place. For the fantastical term "Faërie", see Faërie (term).

Eldamar, also by Hobbits called Faerie, is the region of Aman east of the Pelóri Mountains where the elves live.

The size of Eldamar is unknown, but the area between the Bay of Eldamar and the Pelóri was probably at least a few dozen miles wide; Eldamar also consisted of the shore of Taniquetil and the Calacirya where Tirion was built. The shore probably extended hundreds of miles to the north of the Calacirya.

The city of the Noldor (and for a time the Vanyar also) is Tirion, which was built on the hill of Tuna facing both the Two Trees and the starlit seas.

The city of the Teleri, on the north shore of the Bay is Alqualondë, or Haven of the Swans, whose halls and mansions are made of pearl. The harbor is entered through a natural arch of rock, and the beaches are strewn with gems given by the Noldor. It includes the Calacirya and stretches far to the north and around the east-slopes of Taniquetil.

In the bay is Tol Eressëa the Lonely Isle, which was an island at one time adrift, until Ulmo rooted it in the bay.

South of Eldamar is Avathar, once the home of Ungoliant, a vast creature in the shape of a spider.

Places in Aman
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Translations around the WorldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Chinese (Hong Kong) 艾爾達瑪
Hebrew (Israel) אלדמר

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