Eldalondë, also known as Eldalondë the Green[1], was a seaport on the western coast of Númenor where the river Nunduinë emptied into the Bay of Eldanna.

It was surrounded by the pleasant and fair region of Nísimaldar.[2][1]


During the Second Age, Eldalondë was the primary seaport by which the Elves would arrive from Tol Eressëa to the west to meet with the Elf-friends (The Faithful) amongst the Númenóreans.[1]


Eldalondë is a Quenya word that meant "Elf-haven".[citation needed]

Translations around the worldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Armenian Էլդալոնդը
Hebrew אלדלונדה
Russian Эльдалондэ
Ukrainian Cyrillic Ельдалонде


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