This article is about the the King of Gondor. For the fourth King of Arnor, see Eldacar (King of Arnor).

Eldacar born as Vinitharya was the twenty-first King of Gondor and the son of Valacar and the northwoman Vidumavi, he was born during the time his father was acting as ambassador to Rhovanion.


Eldacar was born as Vinitharya in the Kingdom of Rhovanion, whose migthiest prince was his maternal grandfather Vidugavia. In TA 1260, he was brought to Gondor by his father on orders of his paternal grandfather, king Romendacil II. His reign saw the already lingering unrest explode, for he was the son of princess Vidumavi, a daughter of the Northmen King Vidugavia, a lesser man. After ascending the throne in TA 1432, he reigned for five years when he was deposed and driven from Osgiliath into exile to Rhovanion by his far relative Castamir the Usurper, who reigned for ten bloody years in a civil war called the Kin-strife. While being in exile he slowly gathered support from the Northmen and the Dúnedain from the northern parts of Gondor. One reason for their hatred was that Castamir had executed Ornendil, Eldacar's firstborn son.

By TA 1447, he had finally gathered enough strength and support and marched south with his army and slew Castamir personally in battle at the Crossings of Erui. But Castamir's sons escaped and Gondor's purest blood was split. He besieged Pelargir where Castamir's sons held out the last resistance. Eldacar had no ships at his disposal (for Castamir was the Lord of Ships of Gondor) and Castamir's sons finally fled to Umbar.

Eldacar reigned until TA 1490 and was succeeded by his second son Aldamir.[1][2]


Eldacar was a Quenyan word that meant 'Elf-head'.

King of Gondor
Preceded by
Castamir the Usurper
Eldacar (King of Gondor) Succeeded by
Castamir the Userper
TA 1432 - TA 1437 (first time)
TA 1447 - TA 1490 (restored)

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