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Elanor of Gondor

Elanor was a Hero created by Fantasy Flight Games for the Lord of the Rings Living Card Game (LCG).


Elanor lived during the 60 years between when the Dwarves reclaim the Lonely Mountain (Erebor) and when Bilbo has to let go of the One Ring in Fellowship of the Ring. Her traits state that she was a noblewoman of Gondor, which is entirely a possibility at the time, since she could very well have been one of the people seen in the crowd before Boromir in his famous speech atop the battlements, just after Osgiliath was reclaimed by Gondor's forces.

Since Elanor was a FF Games made character it is unknown when she would have died, but (judging from her appearance) she could not have been more than 30 when the LOTR LCG takes place. This marks her as 90 (at the very most) when the War of the Ring started. In this case she would have died of old age long before it even occurred. If she was born during the latter 30 years of the LCG, she would still be only around 35 years of age during the War of the Ring, and therefore able to witness it (assuming she didn't die by the player's actions in the card game).

Elanor shows no obvious weapons, but she would likely have some small item for self defence close at hand. Any armor she had would not be visible under her clothes, so her chances of actually having  any are unknown.

Card UsageEdit

In the actual card game Elanor would largely be associated with defending, though her score was not that high (at only a 2). Her willpower and attack stats are both at 1, so she would make a slight difference in committing to quests or attacking, but should not be used as the main character to do either. Her low health of 3 warns players against forcing her to defend against opponents with high strength, as it will not take long to finish her off in this case. Her Response effect is extremely helpful against enemies like "Misty Mountain Orcs", who deal 2 automatic damage to 1 character as a "When Revealed" effect. The only downside is that using Elanor's effect leaves you without a potential defender for the round.