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Eglantine (Banks) Took was a Hobbit of the Shire. She was a member of the Banks family and was the mother of Peregrin Took.


Eglantine Banks was born sometime in the late Third Age, and at some point married Paladin Took, who later became Thain Paladin II. Eglantine was the mother four children: Pearl in TA 2975, Pimpernel in TA 2979, Pervinca in TA 2985, and Perergrin (called Pippin) in TA 2990. She and her family attended the Bilbo's Farewell Birthday Party on September 22, 3001. Eglantine's date of death is not known.[1]

An Eglantine is a wild rose. This is in keeping with the Hobbit tradition of naming girls after flowers.


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