Edrahil was an Elf of Nargothrond.


While Celegorm and Curufin were able to persuade others to stay behind when it became known that Finrod intended to accompany Beren on his quest for the Silmaril in payment for a debt, Edrahil was one of a group of Elven warriors to remain loyal to him and accompanied him on his quest. It is likely that he died in the dungeons of Tol-in-Gaurhoth with the other Elves captured by Sauron's orcs.


Although the meaning of the name Edrahil stands unclear, the language was quite certainly Sindarin. The first element edra could have originated from the words edra, meaning 'plain' (referring to the land), or edrain, meaning 'border (of a land)', which perhaps is also interpretable as 'homeland'. The latter element to his name hil appears only to have one possible origin in Sindarin, which is hîl, meaning 'heir'.

If any of these speculations are correct, his name could mean either "heir to the plain" or "heir to the homeland".