Edhellond was an ancient harbour in southern Gondor.

Edhellond was located at the mouth of the rivers Ringló and Blackroot, where they flow into Cobas Haven just over twenty-five miles northeast of Dol Amroth according to the The Atlas of Middle-earth.[1]


GONDOR EDHELLOND location map in middle earth

The location of Edhellond on a map of Middle-earth.

Edhellond was first founded before the end of the First Age by Elven remnants of Doriath who did not wish to remain in Lindon due to their dislike of the Noldor still held by these Teleri Elves.[2] After Sauron's war on the Elves in the mid-Second Age and terrible devastation it caused, the port became a place where Elves built ships to sail westward away from Middle-earth into the Undying Lands.[3] Amroth, Prince of Lórien, was lost at or near Edhellond in the year TA 1981 while looking for his beloved Nimrodel. One of Nimrodel's handmaidens, the elf Mithrellas, was taken by Imrazôr the Númenórean as his wife, and their son Galador founded the line of the Princes of Dol Amroth.[2][4]


Edhellond was a Sindarin word for Elf Harbour' from edhel ("elf") and lond ("haven, harbour").[3]

It is not pronounced "ED-he-lond", but "Ethellond", however with the th sound in "there".

Translations around the WorldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Amhariac ዐድሀልሎንድ ?
Arabic ىدهيللوند
Armenian Եդհելլոնդ
Belarusian Cyrillic Едhеллонд
Bengali এধেল্লন্দ
Bulgarian Cyrillic Едхеллонд
Chinese (Hong Kong) 艾得西隆得
Dari هدههللوند
Georgian ედჰელლონდ
Gujarati ઍધેલ્લોન્દ
Hebrew ידהיללונד
Hindi एधेल्लोन्द
Japanese えでぇっぉんd ?
Kazakh Cyrillic Едһеллонд
Kurdish ه‌دهه‌ڵۆند (Arabic script) Edhellond (Latin)
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Эдhэллонд
Lao ເດຫເຣຣໂນດ
Macedonian Cyrillic Едхеллонд
Nepalese एधेल्लोन्द
Pashto ېدهېللوند
Persian هدههللوند
Sanskrit एधेल्लोन्द्
Serbian Едхеллонд (Cyrillic) Edhellond (Latin)
Sinhalese ඒධෙල්ලොඳ්
Tajik Cyrillic Едҳеллонд
Tamil ஏத்ஹெளொந்த்
Telugu ఏధెల్లొన్ద
Tibetan ེདྷེལློནྡ
Tigrinya ዐድሀልሎንድ
Ukrainian Cyrillic Едгеллонд
Urdu ادہیللونڈ
Uzbek Едҳеллонд (Cyrillic) Edhellond (Latin)
Yiddish עדהעללאָנד


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