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East Emnet

The Eastemnet was a part of Rohan, and an area of wide, grassy plains found east of the river Entwash, between it and the Great River Anduin.
Rohan Map

Eastemnet Map

The region was bordered by the lands of Anórien in the southeast, the Emyn Muil in the east, the Brown Lands and the Field of Celebrant in the north and northeast, and Fangorn Forest in the northwest. The land consisted of well known places like the Wold, which were both short and tall grasslands.

History Edit

The region was the site of the death of Eorl the Young in a battle with the Easterlings in the Wold. In the past many herdsman and horse-lords wandered freely throughout this land in temporary tent camps, but by the time of the War of the Ring they were empty.

There were few fixed settlements here, but many of the herdsmen of the Rohirrim lived a nomadic existence on the fields of the Eastemnet, living out of temporary camps and driving their herds across the grasslands.

Etymology Edit

The name Eastemnet comes from the language of Rohan: the word Eastemnet in that tongue means 'east-plain'.


A view of the Eastemnet in The Lord of the Rings Online

References Edit

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