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An outrider from Rohan, Eaoden is the final member to join your party. He is extremely skilled with the spear and has some amazing Spirit Powers that allow him to do some serious character and enemy stat manipulations.


Though not much is known about this rider, he was one of the few to aid Gondor in the earlier battle for Osgiliath, where a soldier named Berethor fled in terror whilst stabbed by the Witch-king's morgul blade. The last player character to join the party, he later reveals the truth upon returning into the city to fight off Gothmog's forces.


Spear CraftEdit

Rupture Armor A spear attack that ignores enemy armor.
Horse Lord Skewer A spear attack that does increased damage.
Enraging Blow A heavy damaging spear attack that gives one enemy AP.
Rohirrim Rage A two-strike spear attack.
Wrath of Edoras A three-strike spear attack.
Invigorating Blow A heavy damaging spear attack that raises one enemy's speed.
Rampage of Helm A five-strike spear attack.

Spirit PowersEdit

Drain Health Absorbs HP from one enemy.
Drain Spirit Absorbs AP from one enemy.
Channel Health Transfers HP to ally.
Tap Reserve Coverts some HP into AP
Dispel Removes enhancements from all enemies.
Spirit Drought Lower your foes' AP pool.
Channel Spirit Transfers AP to ally.
Channel Defense Transfers defense to ally.
Silence Evil Prevents one enemy from casting spells.
Shatter Armor Absorbs one enemy's defense.
Absorption All allies convert damage they take into AP.
Sacrifice Reserves All allies convert HP into AP.
Battle Mirror The damage Eaoden takes reverses back to the attacker.
Scatter Health Absorbs one enemy's HP into the party.
Leech Essence Gradually absorbs HP and MP from one enemy overtime.

Passive SkillsEdit

Might of Helm Increases Eaoden's strength.
Rohan Evasion Increases Eaoden's evasion rate.
Grace of the Mereas Increases Eaoden's HP regeneration.
Rohirrim Evade Gives Eaoden chances to dodge attacks.
Focus Defense Reduces defense loss when using 'Channel Defense'.
Inspiring Grace Increases Eaoden's AP regeneration.
Focus Health Reduces HP loss when using 'Channel Health'.
Focus Spirit Reduces AP loss when using 'Channel Spirit'.
Frenzy Takes two additional actions from 'Spirit Powers'.
Absorb Malice Converts all damage taken from Spirit attacks into AP

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