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This article is about the King of Arnor. For the other namesakes, see Eärendur (disambiguation).





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Eärendur was the tenth and last King of a united Arnor.


Eärendur ascended the throne of Arnor in TA 777 after the death of his father Elendur. During his reign, the realm of Arnor became divided and there was rivalry amongst Eärendur's three sons all of which claimed the throne. To prevent civil war, the Kingdom of Arnor was split in the three parts Arthedain, Cardolan, and Rhudaur. He died in TA 861 after ruling for eighty-four years. His oldest son Amlaith became the first King of Arthedain.

Afterwards, the Kingdom of Arnor remained divided and at war with each other. In time, the lines of the Kingdoms of both Cardolan and Rhudaur failed and soon became vassals of Angmar and were soon destroyed. The Kings of Arthedain remained until the fall of Fornost and the death of Arvedui over eleven hundred years later. From then after, there was no King of Arnor and its lineage would be preserved through the Heirs of Isildur that rested solely in Chieftains of the Dúnedain, until Aragorn II Elessar became King of Arnor in TA 3019.[3]


Eärendur is a Quenyan name meaning 'Sea-servant' or 'Servant of the Sea'.[4]

Preceded by:
King of Arnor
TA 777 - TA 861
Succeeded by:
Amlaith (as King of Arthedain)

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