Dwimorberg was a region, part of the White Mountains, which was situated at the head of the valley of Harrowdale. Dunharrow stood above a cliff on the valley's eastern side, parallel to the Dwimorberg Mountain itself. Beyond Dunharrow was a forest of pine wood and fir, known as the Dimholt. It was the location of the Dark Door.[1]


The Dimholt itself contained a small glen, which held a relic of Númenor, a standing stone, that lay in front of a doorway that led to the Paths of the Dead. The paths led under the Dwimorberg mountain and were in the Third Age haunted by the spirits of the men of the mountains. The men of the mountain swore an oath to Gondor and Isildur, the King of Gondor in those days. But they were descended from an old race that had lived in Eriador in the Dark Years, before Númenor was. And their fathers had worshiped Sauron in the Dark Years, and still had some love for him, and so when called upon to fulfill their oath to Gondor, they would not -- and so Isildur cursed them, never to rest until they had fulfilled their oaths.

Aragorn eventually allowed them to finally fulfill their oath, and they were released to go in peace. After the great events at the end of the Third Age, Dwimorberg was haunted no longer.[2]


Dwimorberg was a Rohirric word that meant 'haunted-mountain'.

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Translations around the WorldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Amharic ዽዊሞርበርግ ?
Arabic ضويموربيرع ?
Armenian Դւիմորբերգ
Belarusian Дўіморберг
Bulgarian Дщиморберг
Chinese (Hong Kong) 丁默山
Dari ضویموربهرگ
Georgian დვიმორბერგი
Greek Δωιμορβεργ
Gujarati ડ્વિમોર્બેર્ગ
Hindi ड्विमोर्बेर्ग
Kazakh Дуіморберг
Kyrgyz Дwиморбэрг
Macedonian Дуіморберг
Marathi ड्विमोर्बेर्ग
Mongolian Дүиморберг
Nepali ड्विमोर्बेर्ग
Pashto ضویموربېرګ ?
Persian ضویموربهرگ
Russian Двиморберг
Sanskrit ड्विमोर्बेर्ग्
Serbian Дwиморберг (Cyrillic) Dwimorberg (Latinised)
Sinhala ඩ්෴ඉමොර්බෙර්ග්
Tajik Дwиморберг
Tamil ட்௰இமொர்பெர்க் ?
Tibetan དྭིམོརྦེརྒ
Tigrinya ዽዊሞርበርግ
Uzbek Дwиморберг (Cyrillic) Dwimorberg (Latinised)
Uyghur دۋىموربەرگ
Yiddish דווימאָרבערג


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