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Dwarven Battle wagons are ridden war-machines used by the Dwarves in the The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth II series.


Dwarven Battle Wagon

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Underground caverns are not conducive to breeding fast and healthy horses, so Dwarves are not natural cavaliers.

Dwarven Battle Wagon

(Never mind the fact they can't reach the stirrups.) That doesn't mean that Dwarves are totally without some degree of animal companions. One of the varieties of livestock kept by the Dwarves is the Yurg, a sort of underground Yak native to the Misty Mountains. Yurgs serve the Dwarves as beasts of burden during construction efforts as well as war. In addition, the Dwarves are always prepared to empty their pull-carts of construction supplies and load them up with axe-throwers or archers and take to the battlefield. The Dwarven Battlewagon is also well armored and extremely heavy, meaning that even one lone Battle Wagon can break through enemy lines without significant damage.

The Battle wagon can be upgraded with one of four different abilities:

Hearth: Allows the Battle wagon to heal surrounding units as well as itself. 

Men of Dale: Two archers are stationed in the back of the wagon and fire on any enemy units that venture to close.

Banner: Allows the Battle wagon to boost surrounding troops attack power and defense by 50%, as well as experience gained is doubled for all nearby troops. Two Dwarven Phalanx are also stationed in the back and will skewer any enemy units that get to close to the Battle Wagon.

Axe Throwers: Two axe Throwers are stationed in the back of the wagon and throw axes at any enemy units that venture to close.

Dwarven battle wagon

Dwarven Battle Wagon