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Here are some of the most important dates in the history of the Dwarven race from TA 1999 and onward.

  1. Foundation of Erebor: TA 1999
  2. Dain I slain by a dragon: TA 2589
  3. Return to Erebor: TA 2590
  4. Sack of Erebor by Smaug: TA 2770
  5. Murder of Thrór: TA 2790
  6. Mustering of the Dwarves: TA 2790 - TA 2793
  7. War of the Dwarves and Orcs: TA 2793 - TA 2799
  8. Battle of Nanduhirion: TA 2799
  9. Thráin II goes wandering: TA 2841
  10. Death of Thráin II and the loss of his ring: TA 2850
  11. Battle of the Five Armies after the Quest of Erebor and the death of Thorin II Oakenshield: TA 2941
  12. Balin goes to Moria, or Khazad-Dûm: TA 2989

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