Dwarf-Road was a major trading-route built by Dwarves of Blue Mountains (Ered Luin) during the First Age.


Beginning at Mount Dolmed, it passed through Dwarf cities of Belegost and Nogrod going down the mountains along the Ascar, passing through Sarn Athrad, crossing the Gelion following the encampment in Estolad, and finally into Doriath ending at the city of Menegroth. Obviously it facilitated the trade interests of the Dwarves with other peoples of the Beleriand, but it was considered to be the easiest way of getting into the Beleriand from Eriador. Unfortunately, it was also used by the many wicked peoples of Middle-earth wishing to invade the land beyond. It went down with the rest of the Beleriand after the first age ended with War of Wrath.[1][2]


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