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Quest of Erebor

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The Duel in Dol Guldur is a battle that took place in Dol Guldur between Sauron and Gandalf. After investigating the tombs of the Nazgûl in the High Fells of Rhudaur, Gandalf entered the old fortress of Dol Guldur and bring forth the evil. That was when he was ambushed by strange figure who was revealed to be Thrain, son of Thrór and father of Thorin Oakenshield. Gandalf saved him bu removing the insanity and planned to get him out of the fortress. However, their efforts came to late when they were ambushed by Azog and group of Guldur Orcs that prevented them from escaping. Gandalf and Thrain managed to elude them, but they both encountered the Sauron, who killed Thrain and managed to beat Gandalf. After subduing the wizard, Sauron revealed himself, much to Gandalf's horror.




Radagast appears in the High Fells to aid Gandalf in investigating the Nazgûl tombs

In TA 2941, Gandalf was forced to abandon Company of Thorin Oakenshield near the borders of Mirkwood and travel to the High Fells of Rhudaur, the eastern part of Arnor. After leaving the Company, Gandalf reaches the High Fells, revealed to be a chamber built precariously into the side the a mountain and barred by an iron gate, which has been ripped open violently. As Gandalf steps inside, he slips and begins sliding down a slanted chute leading to a bottomless chasm, nearly falling to his death but managing to land on a narrow staircase built into the wall at the base of the chute just in time. It is immediately revealed that High Fells was neither meant to be found nor left once entered, but Gandalf continues his descent down into the darkness nonetheless. He managed to reach one of the a chamber built into the wall whose iron gate has also been crudely smashed, where it is revealed to hold a tomb whose massive stone lid broken has been broken in two from the inside and now lies empty.

While trying to solve this alone, Gandalf was startled by the sudden appearance of Radagast, who questions why they have chosen to meet in the High Fells. There, Gandalf went on to reveal much of the tombs and that the chamber had been designed to hold a being whose name has long been forgotten, and would be known only as a "servant of evil." Gandalf then shines his staff down the chasm to reveal the presence of eight similar chambers, all similarly broken out of by their captors, indicating that the chamber is the prison of the Nazgûl, the nine servants of the Dark Lord Sauron. As they left the Fells, Gandalf and Radagast discuss the Nazgûl's reawakening, and Gandalf asserts that they have been summoned to Don Goldur by the Necromancer. When Radagast asserts that no human sorcerer could possess such powerful dark magic, Gandalf relays his growing suspicion that the Necromancer is actually Sauron in disguise, but was still too weak to assume his true form, as the Nazgûl only answer to their one true master. When Gandalf decided to return to the dwarven company and meet them at the slopes of Erebor, Radagast insists that they must investigate Dol Guldur at once. Gandalf counters that the dwarves are in great danger without him, but Radagast reminds him that if Sauron has indeed returned, the entire world would soon be in great danger.

Encounter with ThrainEdit

Reluctantly convinced by Radagast's words, the two wizards arrive near the entrance of Dol Guldur. Radagast seems uncertain that the fortress is occupied, but Gandalf immediately recognises that a spell of concealment lies on the Hill of Sorcery. Before entering the fortress himself, Gandalf ordered Radagast to warn Galadriel of their discovery. Radagast warned him that it could be a trap, but Gandalf denied and enters the fortress at once. Upon entering, Gandalf began to chant spells in Quenya to bring forth all hidden evil and remove the shroud of concealment. While Azog and his army remained hidden, Gandalf continued to investigate deep in the abandoned fortress, but that was not until he encountered a strange diminished figure who had been following the wizard. The figure was known to be an insane dwarf and jumped down onto Gandalf and attacked him under his madness. The two engage in battle until the wizard managed to to restrain him and used his power to bring back his senses.

After Gandalf healed the dwarf from his madness that infected him, he was so surprised and relieved that the dwarf was revealed to be Thráin, son of Thrór. Thráin began to remember what had happened to him and realized that he was in Dol Guldur for a long time. Before leaving the old fortress, Thráin wanted to know if the map and key (that he gave to Gandalf) were kept safe, but when the wizard told him that he gave the items to Thorin who was embarked on the Quest of Erebor, Thráin was shocked by this and told Gandalf that his son, nor anyone, must never enter the mountain due to the sickness that lied upon the treasure. Gandalf also discovers that the last of the Seven Dwarf Rings is missing, and Thrain remembers how he lost it to Azog when he brutally cut off his ring finger.

Duel in the FortressEdit

At around nightfall, Thráin helped Gandalf navigate through the fortress and continued to explain to him that Smaug and The One were in league with each other until Azog himself launched a surprise attack and was able to stun Gandalf and scatter his staff and sword. Gandalf however was able to reclaim his staff and easily repelled Azog with a telekinetic force, enraging the pale orc. Gandalf keeps Azog and his orcs at bay with his staff and demands to know where Sauron is, to which Azog replies "he is everywhere". Gravely outnumbered, Gandalf used a flash spell for him and Thráin to flee from the orcs; he either teleported or simply ran away afterwards. Gandalf and Thráin make their escape, but are soon pursued by a group of Warg-riders. Gandalf uses his staff to strike a wall; the resulting blast crumbles an entire tower that crashes down on the Warg Riders and breaks the bridge. As they soon reached the entrance, Gandalf and Thráin found a cloud of darkness barring their way out. It was the Necromancer, who warned "there is no light which can defeat the darkness". Seeing no way out, Thráin told Gandalf to tell Thorin that he loved him, to which Gandalf replied he could tell Thorin himself once they got out of there. Despite Gandalf's attempts to protect him, Thráin was sucked into the black mist and consumed by the Necromancer.

Sauron in DOS

Sauron reveals himself to Gandalf at Dol Guldur.

After Thráin's death, Gandalf and the Necromancer engage in a battle of light and dark as the Necromancer launches a barrage of shadow energy at Gandalf, who repels it with a force field of light powered by his staff which makes his crystal grow with great light in a small radius. The Necromancer repeatedly launches himself at Gandalf's massive spherical light shield, while Gandalf struggles to maintain it. Sauron forces the shield to dissipate, but Gandalf conjures it again to hold off the dark energy. When Gandalf manages to push the energy further away from him, it stacks up and breaks through the shield a second time. Exhausted, Gandalf holds up his staff as a physical shield against his foe. The Necromancer then approaches him in a flaming spectral form, and the flames disintegrate Gandalf's staff. The smoke and flames telekinetically pin him against a wall, most of which collapses from the surging energy. At this point the Necromancer can be seen as a figure with a horned helmet, in an aura of fire resembling a great eye. Gandalf's worst suspicions are confirmed as the Necromancer reveals himself to indeed be Sauron. Gandalf is later imprisoned in a cage and watches in horror as Azog's army of Guldur Orcs march towards the Lonely Mountain.