Dreamworld is the first mission of Sierra's game The Hobbit.
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Dream World loading screen


"In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit.. Bilbo Baggins was a respected hobbit. He lived a comfortable life and never had any adventures. So Bilbo was rather surprised when Gandalf the wizard invited him on a great adventure. He politely declined. But not before accidentally inviting Gandalf to tea. The next day Gandalf arrived with thirteen hungry dwarves. They ate everything Bilbo had to offer, then sang sad songs and listened to their king; Thorin Oakenshield."

The mission starts with Thorin and the company discussing the quest to Lonely Mountain. Gandalf interrupts them and advices Thorin to hire Bilbo as a burglar. Bilbo faints and dreams that he is in the Battle of the five armies. Bilbo sees Men, Elves and Dwarves fight Goblins. Bilbo has to aid them in their fight against the Goblins. The location is the eventual final level, although here it is in a dream premonition. Elves, dwarves, and lakemen can be seen fighting goblins, with various ruins around the area and explosive barrels. Bilbo must fight his way through the level until he eventually wakes up, beginning the next level.


  • Wake up

    Bilbo's dream

  • Find an exit
  • Fight the goblins
  • Climb the ladder

Level InformationEdit


Name Description


Men fight alongside with Dwarves & Elves in Bilbo's dream.


Elves fight with with their arrows and sword attacks against goblins in Bilbo's dream.


Dwarves fight the goblins with their axes, along with the men & elves.

Quest ItemsEdit

Name Description
Explosive barrels

Fire barrels copy

Bilbo encounters explosive barrels when he tries to lower the ladder.


Name Description
Goblin Mage

Special goblin

These special types of goblins carry long spiked staffs, they can also do considerable amounts of damage when they throw magic explosives at Bilbo.