Tuor's Dramborleg
Background Information
Other Names
Manufacturer Unknown
Owners Tuor
Books The History of Middle-earth

Dramborleg was the great axe wielded by Tuor during the First Age.[1]


During the Fall of Gondolin, Tuor used Dramborleg and clove five Balrogs to death.[1]

After Tuor sailed for the West, the axe was kept by Elros and his descendants, and eventually became a royal heirloom of Númenor. It was lost in the Downfall of Númenor near the end of Second Age.[2]


In the language of the Gondolindrim, Dramborleg means "Thudder-sharp",[2] from daram ("beat, hew") or dram ("heavy stroke").[3]

Its earlier name was Drambor.[4]


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