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The "Dragon-spell" is a power possessed by Dragons that allows them to hypnotize their victims for various purposes.


The Dragon-spell power is known to have originated with Glaurung, the first dragon, who employed it against Túrin and others.


As with much of tolkiens work, little detail is given into the limits and uses of this power. Glaurung is known to have used it against Túrin , using it to paralyze him, preventing him from acting despite hundreds of people being dragged away. He also used it to influence Túrin , making him think Niënor was suffering despite being perfectly fine. Glaurung would also use it to induce total amnesia in Niënor, and later returning all her memories to her, all with words.

Smaug would also use an ability similar to this. Bilbo would notice a beam of light coming from smaug's eyes (likely due to his senses being enhanced by the ring). Whenever this beam passed over bilbo he would have a strong desire to remove the one ring from his fingers.  

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