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Drúadan Forest

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Drúadan Forest
Forest fo Druedan

The Rohirrim Ride through Drúadan Forest in the New Line film

, also known as the Forest of the Drúedain was a pine forest in Gondor, located in Anorian, north of Minas Tirith. The forest was inhabited by the Drúedain, the Wild Men of the Woods or Wood Woses. 

History Edit

The Men of Rohan passed through the forest on their way to Minas Tirith, guided by Ghân-buri-Ghân. There was a road there, created long ago by the "Stonehouse-folk" (Men of Gondor), that everyone except the Wild Men had forgotten. It would have taken the Drúedain from sunrise to noon to walk it, but it required around ten hours for all of Rohan's army to get through. Each company of soldiers was guided by a Wild Man, who also sent out scouts to keep their movements secret.

In the Fourth Age, King Aragorn II Elessar declared that the men of the forest would have the land to themselves because of their help during the war.

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