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Map of Dorwinion

Location of Dorwinion on the map, near the Sea of Rhûn

Dorwinion, also known as Dor-Winion, was a land in the vales of the Celduin, northwest of the Sea of Rhûn, that was famous for its great gardens and as the home of the finest wines in all of Middle-earth.

Description and inhabitantsEdit

Its fertile climate, perfect latitudinal positioning, and close proximity to the Sea of Rhûn[1] made Dorwinion an ideal location for an agrarian society. Its people were descendants of the Edain, and they had close ties to the Northmen of Dale in genealogy as well as Avari elves.[citation needed]


The wines of Dorwinion were so high-quality and widely enjoyed that they were imported even by the Elves of the Halls of Thranduil in Mirkwood,[2] the Men of Dale and Laketown, and the Dwarves of the Lonely Mountain and of the Iron Hills.


Dorwinion comes from the Sindarin dor ("land")[3] and the Westron winion ("of wine").[4]


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