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Dirhaborn was a young Dúnedain who lived in the realm of Eriador.

Portrayal in adaptationsEdit

Born of HopeEdit

Born in TA 2905 of the Late Third Age, Dirhaborn was a quick and talented bowman, who would learn to become a great Ranger of the North. While growing up in the village of Taurdal, Dirhaborn became a good friend and companion of Elgarain. However, he was secretly in love with her. Dirhaborn was like a brother to her and he would sometimes spy on her in his classes. Later, when Elgarain was planning to leave Taurdal since she was sad and jealous that Arathorn married Gilraen, Dirhaborn followed her and admitted that he truly loved her. Before the two were planning to leave together, a group of Orcs appeared out of the forest and the two had to warn the villagers of an incoming attack. Dirhaborn fought bravily for his life until he was soon slain by orcs, but his sacrifice gave Elgarain enough time to warn Arathorn and the villagers on what is coming.

His head was thrown towards Arathorn when the orcs attacked Taurdal.

This character is portrayed by Danny George in the film Born of Hope, and is not from the books.