This article refers to the Nandorin Elf. For other namesakes, see Denethor (disambiguation).

Denethor was the son of the Nandor Elf leader Lenwë (or Dan), who lived during the Years of the Trees.


Hearing of the power of Thingol, Denethor led many of his people over the Blue Mountains to Beleriand. They settled in Ossiriand, renaming it Lindon, in the east of Beleriand, and Denethor became their king.[2][3] They were called the Laiquendi, or Green-elves. Some time later after his return from Aman, Morgoth loosed an army on Beleriand beginning the First Battle. The lightly-armed Laiquendi were driven back to the great hill of Amon Ereb, where Denethor was slain. The Laiquendi became a reclusive people, seldom taking up arms, and never again naming a king.[4][5]


The name comes from the Nandorin words dene ("strong, lithe") and thara ("tall, slender"), and gives the name a meaning of "Lithe and lank".[6]


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