Daisy Gamgee I was born in TA 2972 (SR 1372) and was the third child and first daughter of Hamfast (the Gaffer) Gamgee and Bell Goodchild.


Daisy had two older brothers: Hamson and Halfred. She also had three younger siblings: May, Samwise, and Marigold. Samwise would later on become one of the greatest Hobbits in the history of Middle-earth. [1]

Not much is known about Daisy, but from our best guess it could inferred that she must have been close with her younger brother Sam. This theory can be justified by the fact that Sam named his seventh child and fourth daughter Daisy. Anything else is only a mystery that Tolkien took with him to his grave.


  1. The Lord of the Rings, Appendix C: Family Trees, The Longfather - Tree of Master Samwise

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