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Dagor Bragollach

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Dagor Bragollach
Conflict: The War of the Jewels
Date: FA 455 - FA 456
Place: Thangorodrim, outside of Angband
Outcome: A decisive victory for the forces of Morgoth
Angband, Thangorodrim Sons of Fëanor, Elves of Hithlum, Edain
Morgoth, Glaurung Fingolfin†, Angrod†, Aegnor†, BregolasBarahir, Hador†, Maglor, Finrod Felagund, and Maedhros
A formidable force Orcs; Trolls; Balrogs; and one Dragon, Glaurung A formidable force Elves; and some tens of thousands of Edain
Unknown, most likely moderate Unknown, but very heavy
The War of the Great Jewels

First Battle of BeleriandDagor-nuin-GiliathDagor AglarebDagor BragollachNírnaeth ArnoediadWar of Wrath

The Dagor Bragollach was the fourth of the great battles of the War of the Jewels. It marked the end of the Siege of Angband and beginning of Morgoth's gains against the Elves and Men of the Beleriand.


The battle of sudden flame by Filat

The burning of Ard-galen at the beginning of the battle, by Filat

Dagor bragollach by filat-d96bi5e

Mounted Ñoldor warriors fleeing the burning of Ard-galen, by Filat

It began when Morgoth broke the Siege of Angband, which had held for four hundred years. On a winter's night, Morgoth sent out rivers of flame from Thangorodrim and Angband, consuming Ard-galen, which was renamed Anfauglith. Many elves perished as they fled from these flames. His armies of Balrogs and Orcs, led by Glaurung first of the Dragons, overran the highlands of Dorthonion, and slew Angrod and Aegnor. Maglor's horsemen were burnt alive on the plain of Lothlann, and Maglor's Gap was taken, giving Morgoth an entry into Beleriand itself. Maglor retreated with heavy losses to Himring, where he helped defend the city of Maedhros.

The Pass of Aglon was also breached, and Celegorm and Curufin fled north of Doriath to Nargothrond. Morgoth's Orcs took the mountain forests of Mount Rerir, and defiled Lake Helevorn, scattering south through Thargelion into East Beleriand. Caranthir fled to Amon Ereb, where he and Amrod built defenses. From there they slowly freed East Beleriand of the Orcs, while Maglor and Maedhros held the northern border.

Dagor bragollach by viking heart-d66bldd

Glaurung and Dwarves in combat (image by Viking-Heart)

Minas Tirith in the Pass of Sirion in the West under Orodreth held, and Orodreth's uncle and Lord Finrod Felagund came north from Nargothrond with a large army. However, they were ambushed by a large army of Morgoth's forces at the Fen of Serech. The Noldor now found themselves trapped, and Finrod would have been killed but for a sortie by Barahir, who descended from Dorthonion and rescued the elven lord. It was this deed which later earned Barahir the ring of Finrod which would become known as the Ring of Barahir.

Finrod and his folk fled south to Nargothrond, while Barahir continued defending Dorthonion. The mountain forts of the Ered Wethrin around Hithlum also held, although barely.

Thus the Siege was broken, the Sons of Fëanor scattered, and the forces of Morgoth roamed at will throughout the north.

When Fingolfin, the High King of the Ñoldor, learned of the heavy casualties of so many Ñoldor, he rode in anger across the dust of Anfauglith and challenged Morgoth to single combat. At the doors of Angband itself, they fought a great duel. Fingolfin's sword, Ringil, wounded Morgoth seven times. Yet, Fingolfin was ultimately no match for the Dark Lord and fell by Morgoth's hammer, Grond, crushed beneath Morgoth's foot, but not before stabbing Morgoth in the foot with his last breath. Thorondor, king of the eagles then swooped down and retrieved the fallen Elf Kings body and scarred Morgoth's face. Although Morgoth's wounds would never heal and he would limp forever more when walking, Morgoth and his forces were nevertheless victorious.[1]


Dagor Bragollach is Sindarin for 'Battle of Sudden Flame'.[1][2]

Translations around the WorldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Chinese (Hong Kong) 班戈拉赫戰役
Russian Дагор Браголлах
Spanish Guerras de Beleriand


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