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For other uses see: The Crack of Doom.

The Cracks of Doom is the name for the volcanic fissure in Mount Doom, where Frodo Baggins had to throw the One Ring into to be destroyed. It was the only place in Middle-earth where the One Ring could be destroyed.


It is described in The Return of the King as a great fissure that split a long tunnel that bored into Mount Doom. From the Crack of Doom, a red light, presumably from lava, is emitted. The red glow is the only light in the cavern, as even the Phial of Galadriel is dimmed by the power of Sauron in the heart of his realm. There is a road leading from Barad-dûr to the Crack of Doom.

Frodo claims the One Ring here; he and Gollum fight over it. Gollum falls into the Crack of Doom with the ring, thus completing the Fellowship of the Ring's quest.[1]

Portrayal in adaptationsEdit

Peter Jackson's The Fellowship of the RingEdit

In The Fellowship of the Ring film, Elrond leads Isildur to the Crack of Doom to destroy the One Ring immediately after it's cut from Sauron's hand, but Isildur refuses and takes the ring for himself. It appears as a doorway with a long bridge that ends with a narrow cliff, to where the lava falls. (The Fellowship of the Ring (film))

Translations around the WorldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Portuguese (Brazil) Fendas da Perdição
Spanish (Spain and Latin America) Grietas del Destino
Italian Voragine del Fato
French Crevasse du Destin


  1. The Lord of the Rings, The Return of the King, Book Six, Chapter III: "Mount Doom"

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