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Cottage of Lost Play

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Cottage of Lost Play, also known as Mar Vanwa Tyaliéva, was a small house on a hill on Tol Eressëa, at which many of the tales comprising the books of The History of Middle-earth told by certain characters.


The Cottage of Lost Play was built by Lindo and his wife Vairë who lived there. It had many small curtained windows and a comforting interior and was a place of merriment and joy where many people, especially children, came to visit. Eriol the mariner visited there and learned much of ancient times.[1][2]

Notes Edit

  • Tolkien may have based this location on the concept of time as time records every single action and is never forgotten, and the Cottages record the history of Middle-earth.

Behind the scenesEdit

There was also a poem based around Cottage of Lost Play entitled: You & Me and the Cottage of Lost Play and The Little House of Lost Play.[1]


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