Conselho Branco, Sociedade Tolkien (The White Council, Tolkien Society) is a Tolkien Society of Brazil.


The society was founded in September, 2000 and is a non-profit organization created by fans. It is a literary and social society dedicated to the study of the works of Tolkien and a place where fans can discuss and act out their fantasies. The society is also dedicated to encouraging the habit of reading culture throughout Brazil working throughout all aspects of Brazilian society. Its members are organized into Burrows (regional headquarters) throughout the country. There many events, projects, and contests.

Their site is presented in Portuguese only.


  • Fabio "Deriel" Bettega - President and founding member
  • Shirley "Edhel" -originally "Edhelcalen" - Secretary-general
  • Fabiano "Skywalker" Neme - Technical Director
  • Deborah Carolina "Vala" Rodrigues de Souza - Cultural Director
  • Tan "Not" Brazil - Director of communication and founding member
  • Edna Lima Jaroszewski - Chief Financial Officer


  • Plays Ceará
  • Plays Espírito Santo
  • Plays Paraná
  • Plays Rio de Janeiro
  • Plays São Paulo

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