Common Beverages in Middle Earth refers to what people generally prefer to drink on a regular basis.


There are many types of drinks in Middle-earth. Some are preferred by Men, some by Hobbits, and still more by Dwarves, Elves, and Orcs. Let us start with Men and Hobbits.

Men, as well as Hobbits, are big Inn and Pub dwellers, and therefore love a good drink. At the famous Prancing Pony Inn, located in Bree, a particularly loved beverage is Barliman's Best, a very good ale served in pints, for Men are used to a beverage normally served in that quantity. However, Hobbits find it a rare treat to be served a pint, for their small body weight accounts for their limited serving size. Therefore, some travelling Hobbits that venture into Big Folk territory love to order from any drink selection that comes their way. Other types of drinks that Men and Hobbits prefer that are not signature labeled like Barliman's Best would include all types of beer and wine, and sometimes mead.[1]

Another well known wine comes from the lake city of Lake-town, located south of Dale near the Lonely Mountain, east of Mirkwood. This city was full of various merchants, and a prime trade was the selling of Lake-town's fine wine, which was so good that even the Elves of Mirkwood put forth effort in obtaining it for their feasts and celebrations. This wine was floated back and forth in barrels between the Lake City and the Elven kingdom in Mirkwood by use of a river for years.[2]

Dwarves are especially fond of their drink, having been based on the Norse. To them, a day without a drink is a day not fully completed. Dwarves prefer mead, but will just as soon accept any type of beer, just like Men and Hobbits. Wine is not usually seen as a common Dwarf beverage, for Dwarves are not depicted ever drinking it. However, based on their common love for any alcoholic drink, one can assume that Dwarves would not hesitate to drink a few goblets from this grape extract.

Elves are lovers of wine. As stated, the Elves of Mirkwood get all of their wine from the lake city of Lake-town, and there is never a decrease in demand for it. Likewise, all other Elves of Middle-earth are not easily parted from their various types of local wine. Travelers that come upon their feasts will see that after the wine has been passed around for a while, a dramatic change in the general merry making occurs. When offered other types of alcoholic beverages, such as beer, Elves are not known to decline, for they seem to accept all forms of alcohol. It is even said that an Elf could best a Dwarf in a drinking contest, regardless of the type of drink.[3]

Orcs are only known to drink draught (or grog as it's commonly called), but that's not to say that an orc isn't willing to consume whatever they pillage. It's unknown what exactly draught is made of, but based on the typical orc diet it can be suspected to have been brewed from flesh or blood, along with some sort of alcohol. Whatever it's made from, it's certainly cause for the spectacular explosions that occur whenever draught is ignited. It can also be described as being vile and foul-smelling, but to an orc, anyone who hosts a feast without the drink would be flogged until dead. In practical forms, draught is used as a liquid reserve for long trips in the stead of water and as a medicine. The healing potency of draught is reflective of the orcs' ancestry with the elves, able to scab over wounds within hours.


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