Ciryatur was the Númenórean admiral who commanded a great navy under King Tar-Minastir sent to aid Gil-galad in the war against Sauron in Middle-earth during the mid-Second Age.


His navies reached the coasts of Middle-earth in SA 1700 and were divided into two parts. The first landed in Lindon and the other further south up the Greyflood at the Numenorian haven of Vinyalondë. Troops were put ashore and Sauron found himself pinned between two opposing armies at his rear and was utterly defeated at the Battle of the Gwathló.

Ciryatur is most remembered for his defeat of Sauron which broke his power for many centuries to come until the days of Ar-Pharazôn. His fate afterwards is not known.[1]


Ciryatur was a Quenyan word that meant 'Ship Master'.[citation needed]


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Foreign Language Translated name
Chinese (Hong Kong) 薩雅圖
Russian Кирьятур