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Arathorn lo-rez

Christopher Dane as Arathorn II in Born of Hope.

Christopher Dane is the British actor who played Arathorn II, the father of Aragorn II Elessar in the fan film Born of Hope. He also contributed to its script and served as its editor.


Christopher spent fifteen years working in advertising and as an Art Director until he decided to become a professional actor.

He was trained at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts where he received a First Class degree and the most prestigious Sir Paul McCartney Award.

He has lived in London since 2002.

He is also capable of speaking Danish.

Film creditsEdit

  • The Butterfly Tattoo - Inspector Fletcher
  • Dark Rage - Paul
  • Jens Munk - John Watson
  • Born of hope- Arathorn


  • Fiddler on the Roof
  • 7 StoriesE
  • Enigma Variations
  • 4Play
  • Simpatico
  • The Play about the Baby
  • Mary Stuart (West End)
  • Macbeth
  • Bash

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