The Children of Ilúvatar are Elves and Men, the two races created by Eru Ilúvatar, the supreme being of created universe.


After the themes of Ilúvatar and the proclamation of , Eru set the all the firstborn of Elves and Men in places of the world that even the Valar could not find. Elves were the first of the Children of Ilúvatar to appear in Middle-earth, whereas Men were not to follow until the beginning of the First Age, with the creation of the Sun and Moon, many thousands of years later.[1]

Elves were also named the Quendi ("those who speak", in Quenya) and the Minnónar[1] ("Firstborn"). They were further divided into many groupings, often distinguished by their respective linguistic branches. Men were also named the Apanónar ("Those born after" or "Afterborn"), Fírimar ("Mortals"), Engwar ("the Sickly"), and the Followers. These somewhat derogatory names were given to Men by the Elves, who were the primary historians of the early events of Middle-earth.The reason for this naming was simple.[2]

Dwarves were not originally included in this distinction, as they were creations of Aulë alone. The story of their creation was told in the Quenta Silmarillion, and explains how the Elves and Men were created by Eru Ilúvatar directly, without delegation to the Ainur.

Animals and plants were probably fashioned by Ainur after themes set out by Eru in the Music of the Ainur. In cases where animals exhibit sapience, as in the case of Huan or the Eagles, this is questionable they may actually be Maiar instead.[citation needed]

Translations around the WorldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Arabic أطفال ىلوڢاتار
Armenian Իլուվատար-ի երեխաներ
Basque Ilúvatarren seme-alabak
Bulgarian Cyrillic Чеда на Илуватар
Catalan Fills de Ilúvatar
Chinese 伊露維塔的儿童
Croatian Ilúvatarova djeca
Czech IIlúvatarovy děti
Dutch Kinderen van Ilúvatar
Finnish Ilúvatarin lapset
French Enfants d'Ilúvatar
German Kinder von Ilúvatar
Greek Παιδιά του Ιλούβαταρ
Hungarian Ilúvatar Gyermekeit
Indonesian Anak anak Ilúvatar
Italian Figli di Ilúvatar
Japanese ーヴァタールの子らをアル
Korean 일루바타의 아이들
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Илуватар балдар
Macedonian Cyrillic Деца на Илуватар
Persian فرزندان ایلوواتار
Polish Dzieci Ilúvatara
Portuguese Filhos de Ilúvatar
Russian Дети Илуватара
Serbian Деца Илуватар (Cyrillic) Deca Iluvatar (Latin)
Slovak Ilúvatar'ťa deti
Slovenian Ilúvatarvo otroci
Spanish Hijos de Ilúvatar
Thai บุตรแห่งอิลูวาทาร์
Turkish Ilúvatar'ın Çocukları
Ukrainian Cyrillic Дітьми Ілуватара
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  2. The History of Middle-earth, The War of the Jewels