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The Chieftain of the Dúnedain is a title taken by the Heirs of Isildur after the loss of the kingdom of Arthedain; sixteen lords of Men, from Aranarth (elder son of Arvedui, last King of Arthedain) to Aragorn II Elessar.

Chieftains of the Dúnedain (TA 1975 - TA 3019)
1 Aranarth, son of Arvedui last King of Arnor/King of Arthedain TA 1975 - TA 2106
2 Arahael, son of Aranarth TA 2106 - TA 2177
3 Aranuir, son of Arahael TA 2177 - TA 2247
4 Aravir, son of Aranuir TA 2247- TA 2319
5 Aragorn I, son of Aravir TA 2319 - TA 2327
6 Araglas, son of Aragorn I TA 2327 - TA 2455
7 Arahad I, son of Araglas TA 2455 - TA 2523
8 Aragost, son of Arahad I TA 2523 - TA 2588
9 Aravorn, son of Aragost TA 2588- TA 2654
10 Arahad II, son of Aravorn TA 2654- TA 2719
11 Arassuil, son of Arahad II TA 2719 - TA 2784
12 Arathorn I, son of Arassuil TA 2784 - TA 2848
13 Argonui, son of Arathorn I TA 2848 - TA 2912
14 Arador, son of Argonui TA 2912 - TA 2930
15 Arathorn II, son of Arador TA 2930 - TA 2933
16 Aragorn II (Elessar), son of Arathorn II and last Chieftain of the Dúnedain TA 2933 - TA 3019

Aragorn II was crowned as King Elessar of the Reunited Kingdom of Gondor and Arnor.

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