Cerin amroth by wollemisiss-d609mdr

Arwen passing away on the mound of Cerin Amroth, by Szilvia Szarvas

Cerin Amroth was a hill in the Elven realm of Lórien.


Cerin Amroth had two circles of trees growing on it, the outer circle of trees with white bark and the inner of Mallorn. When the wind blew through the branches, the sound of far off seas and the cries of extinct sea-birds could be heard. Niphredil and Elanor grew in the grass.[1][2]


Cerin Amroth was the mound of Amroth, where Elanor flowers grew, that stood in the heart of Lórien and held the house of that king before he was lost over a thousand years before.[1] Aragorn comes to Cerin Amroth where he meets lady Arwen again giving her the Ring of Barahir and where they both plighted their troth.[3]

The Fellowship of the Ring stopped at Cerin Amroth as they were being escorted through Lórien to the Lord and Lady in Caras Galadhon by Haldir. Frodo Baggins and Sam Gamgee followed Haldir up to the flet built in the center tree while the others rested in the grass. Frodo saw Caras Galadhon from the flet.[1] When he went back down the hill, he saw Aragorn as he had been there in the past, young and clothed in white, speaking in Sindarin to Arwen.

It was here where Arwen, after Aragorn's death, went to die sometime before the spring of FO 121 and was where her grave was located.[4]


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