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Celepharn was the fourth King of Arthedain.


Celepharn was the son and heir of King Mallor of Arthedain. He came to the throne in TA 1110 at the death of his father. During his reign, many Hobbits entered Eriador and the lands of Arnor. Most of these were Fallohides and Stoors, joining the Harfoots, who had come earlier during the time of Celepharn's grandfather Beleg.

During Celepharn's rule, the Southern Kingdom Gondor reached the height of its power under Atanatar II Alcarin. Celepharn died in TA 1191 after ruling for eighty-one years and was succeeded by his son Celebrindor.[2]


The name Celepharn was a Sindarin word of unknown meaning. Although there appears to be no definitive origin, it may have come from the words celeb, meaning 'silver', and farn, meaning 'enough' or 'sufficient', which would give the meaning "sufficient silver" to his name. The second element of his name, pharn, may also have origins in the words faran or farn, which both refer to any growing thing or plant. If this were to be so, his name could have meant "silver plant".[3]

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