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The subject of this article originates from non-canonical sources. To find out about what is considered "canon" see LOTR:Canon.

The Cave-Drake on Games

The Cave-Drake is a Non-Canonical Dragon/Beast that is a unit as The Misty Mountains (Goblin) only you can get at Games (Main Page) by ordering it for 69.25. This Non-canonical drake is not like the Fire-drake or the Broods in BFME II and ROTWK but this is a different "type" of Drake. It has four long tentacle-like hair, sharp claws/fangs, long spines, snake-like tail, yellow glowing eyes and deadly arms/legs. It can lay eggs, making a Cave-Drake Brood while the Fire-Drake can lay eggs, it get's it Brood different.

This breed of dragon was possibly based on the Stone Dragons.

Infomation at Games Workshop.comEdit

Cave Drakes are subterranean predators who inhabit the cool, dark places deep within the bowels of the earth. With powerful jaws they crush and tear at their foes, and with dagger-sharp claws they can slice through even the finest armour. Possessed of a voracious appetite, Cave Drakes have been known to consume warriors in the midst of battle, gulping down their unfortunate victim before continuing their rampage.

This box set contains one large metal Cave Drake supplied with a large oval base. Also included are one baby Cave Drake and a clutch of Cave Drake eggs.

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