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Caragors are large, wild Warg-like creatures that are native to Mordor, being the realm's top predator, they are aggressive, not easily tamable beasts.They are of much the same size and appearance as Wargs, however their skin is far more rough, having little to no hair, and having spiked, jagged backs.

Terrifying creatures, Caragors prowl the landscape of Mordor, searching for prey to feast upon. They, more often than not, travel in packs to take down larger prey, like Trolls or Graugs. Usually Dire Caragors, larger, paler and more powerful variants of the common Caragor, are the leaders of these packs. Their powerful legs make them excellent sprinters and fair climbers and their jaws are powerful enough to snap through bones and cut through all manner of armour. They would often attack and kill any competing predator, such as Wargs, on sight. There was also a subspecies of Caragor that resided in Núrn known as Caragaths; these were known for being a far more stealthier breed.

Tame Caragors

As Caragors are difficult to domesticate and are also remarkably stubborn and resistant to training, the orcs of Mordor often kill them or cage them up in an attempt to restrain them. However, sometimes skilled orcs have been known to ride them through Mordor.

Trivia Edit

  • Caragor is Sindarin for "Row of Teeth" and "Bringer of Fear."
  • Caragors are often confused with Wargs, which are mentioned in the The Lord of the Rings book.
  • Despite their resemblance to Wargs, Caragors are more akin to cats; according to the creators of Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, the Caragor is analogous to the lion just as a Warg is analogous to a wolf.
  • In the sequel to Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, titled Middle-earth: Shadow of War, Caragors are shown to have been trained to become cavalry mounts, and armored Caragors in-game are shown to be immune to fire.
  • Several subspecies such as Caragaths and Dire Caragors have been confirmed. The latter became top predators in Mordor, driving competitive carnivores such as wargs and lions extinct in the regions.[1]

References Edit

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