The Cape of Forochel was a cape in the Northern Waste of Arda and Middle-earth from the Second Age onward.


The Cape of Forochel was formed out of the tumultuous destruction of the Beleriand and the vast desolate region of Dor Daidelos of Morgoth, as a result of the devastating War of Wrath that ended his power in Arda at the end of the First Age. At the end of the war, a cape was formed in the shape of a giant hook about 350 miles long from its north-eastern beginning to its southern-most point, and it lay between the polar north and the Ice-Bay of Forochel. The cape as well as the Forochel was sparsely populated but a people known as the Forodwaith, who dated back to the First Age lived here or around the cape but by Third Age they were all but extinct. Their descendants, the Lossoth lived here or around the cape as their ancestors once did no doubt fishing and hunting creatures in the area for food. In TA 1975, Arvedui's ship was foundered many miles south of the cape's tip.

Climate and geographyEdit

The Cape of Forochel was a frozen plain with no plant life and cold prevailing winds passing through it, as well as cold ocean currents passing through the Ice-bay and the northern Belegaer.


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