Calmacil (TA 1058 - TA 1304, r. TA 1294 - TA 1304) was the eighteenth King of Gondor and the brother of Narmacil I, whom he succeeded as King in TA 1294.

His reign lasted for ten years, in which his son Minalcar (known later as Rómendacil II) continued his function as Regent, a function he had held during Narmacil's reign. It therefore would seem he never held (nor, perhaps, desired) any actual power.

In TA 1304 he died and was succeeded by Minalcar.

King of Gondor
Preceded by
Narmacil I
Calmacil Succeeded by
Rómendacil II
TA 1294 - TA 1304

Kings of Gondor

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