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Calimehtar was the thirtieth King of Gondor.


Calimehtar succeeded his father Narmacil II in TA 1856 who was killed by the Wainriders during the defeat of Gondor at the Battle of the Plains.[3][4] Calimehtar was a good friend and ally of the Éothéod. In TA 1899, the Wainriders once again became a threat to Gondor and the lands of the west. The Éothéod leader Marhwini warned the king of the impending invasion allowing him to assemble an army in Ithilien which he marched north, also sending calvary over the Undeeps to harass the unguarded enemy positions there. Calimehtar and his Éothéod allies finally met the Wainriders in Dagorlad where they defeated them. Narmacil II's death had been avenged. The victory of Gondor and its allies inspired the slaves in Rhovanion to rebel against their cruel Easterling masters.[3]

He died in TA 1936 after a rule of eighty years and was succeeded by his son Ondoher.[2] He was two-hundred years of age.


Calimehtar is a Quenya word that meant 'Swordsman of light'.[5]

Preceded by:
Narmacil II
King of Gondor
TA 1856 - TA 1936
Followed by:

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