Background Information
Type Mountain peak
Location Between Min-Rimmon and Amon Anwar
Realms Gondor
Ruler Stewards of Gondor
Other Information
Summary One of the Warning beacons of Gondor
Other names
Spoken Languages Westron
Lifespan Third Age

The Calenhad was the sixth of the seven Warning beacons of Gondor, and it stood between Min-Rimmon and Halifirien.

Like most of the other Warning beacons, it was located in the White Mountains overlooking Anórien (Sun-land).


During the Siege of Gondor, Calenhad was the sixth beacon to be lit.

Warning beacons of Gondor
Amon Dîn | Eilenach | Nardol | Erelas | Min-Rimmon | Calenhad | Amon Anwar (Halifirien)

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