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The Calaquendi (singular Calaquendë) are the Elves of the Light, those that reached Valinor and dwelt there ever after or for some time. They include the Vanyar, Ñoldor, and those Teleri who passed over Belegaer, as well as the Sindarin King Thingol alone of all his people. Another name for them is Amanyar (with the exception of Thingol, who was not of the Amanyar), "Those of Aman". Those kindreds who settled in Aman or descended from them were also referred to as High Elves, or "Tareldar".

Those Elves who refuse the summons of the Valar or did not complete the Great Journey to Valinor are called the Úmanyar, meaning "Not of Aman]" and "Moriquendi," or Dark Elves (those who had not seen the Light).

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